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175. Humans can live only on earth.

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175. Humans can live only on earth.

In these verses (2:36, 7:10, 7:24, 7:25, 30:25) of the Quran we find the message “Only on this earth can humans survive ”.

It has been discovered that along with the natural satellite of the earth moon there are nine planets in the sun family. And it has also been discovered that life cannot exist on any other planets including the moon, a satellite of the earth.

Let’s take into consideration the planet Mercury which is about 48.754 million kms (About 4 crores 87 lakhs kms) from the sun.

This planet is devoid of oxygen and the max temperature is 480℃ and the minimum being 180 °C.This is 12 times more than that humans could endure. 

Moreover the force of gravity on this planet is ⅓ of what is on earth.

The planet Venus is about 100.8 million kms from the sun and the maximum temperature is 457℃.This is 10 times more than the maximum temperature on earth, and devoid of oxygen which makes it impossible for lives to survive.This planet is also called the “Boiling Planet’’. 

Humans cannot live on planet Mars either. This planet is 23 million kms from the Sun, with just 1% of air available when compared to Earth. And even that air contains just 1% of Oxygen in it . The maximum temperature here is 87℃ and the minimum being 17℃ making it impossible for man to live.

The planet Jupiter is 78 million kms from the Sun.This planet is one made up of gases and not of rocks And the force of gravity is double that of what is on Earth. The weight of men will be doubled here,making it not possible to carry our own weight. Hence this planet is not suitable for humans to inhabit.

The planet Saturn is 142 million kms from the Sun. The temperature is always at -143℃ freezing everything around and making human living impossible. 

With the planet Uranus being 178 million kms from the Sun, and Neptune at 450 million kms and Pluto at 590 million kms, the cold climate prevailing in these planets cannot be imagined making it never possible for man to live in these

The satellite planet of Earth, the moon does not contain air or water, with day time temperature of 127℃ and a night time temperature of -173℃.is not fit for life to survive.

Man can survive only on Earth which is about 15 million kms from the Sun. 

Though it has been said about certain traces of life being found in some planets it is still to be established .And scientists do accept the fact that life can exist only on earth. 

Temperatures suitable for humans to survive exists only on earth, while other planets either burn or freeze human beings and other creatures. Oxygen necessary to sustain life is available only on earth and sustaining life with the help Oxygen cylinders for some days cannot be considered as normal living.

Moreover only the Earth rotates at a 23° angle resulting in the four seasons of the year. 

Existence of one type of temperature either hot or cold through the year may not be suitable for survival of life on earth. 

How can an illiterate person say for sure in the Quran that “ this is the only place for you to survive.” Only Almighty God who created all the planets could say this for sure through Prophet Muhammad. This is yet another proof that the Quran is the word of God.

To know more about whether creatures other than humans inhabit other planets than Earth please refer to point No;440. 

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