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514. Is it appropriate for the Quran to speak about female genitals? 

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514. Is it appropriate for the Quran to speak about female genitals?

The Christian missionaries all over point out these two verses (66:12, 21:91) of the Quran as inappropriately talking about female genitals.

Though we have translated the phrase as ‘We breathed into her’ the word Farjad refers to the female genital. The question by the Christian missionaries is ‘Is this appropriate for a religious text to mention this?

Is it wrong to talk about male or female genitals, is it objectionable and disgusting? Generally, not so, but when there is a necessity, we do need to mention the same.

When there is an injury or other issues in the genitals of male or female it has to be discussed with the physician. 

But there are decent as well as vulgar words that are used to denote the same, we are to make use of the decent words.

When we need to disclose to a physician about a small inflammation in our private parts, no one would find the mentioning of the ‘private parts’ objectionable. When a necessity arises to mention, it will not be considered an obscenity. 

We will find the absurdity of this question by the Christain missionaries when we try and whether, there was a necessity to use the word, and was it a decent word that was being used,

 The word Farjad is not an indecent word , it is a common word used to refer to the private parts of men and women.

This word can be uttered in public gatherings and no one would frown over it. 

Is it obscene to call upon men and women to clean their genitals with water after urination. No one would say so. 

But we would call it obscene when a filthy word is used to denote the same. 

The word Farjad is similar to ‘private parts’ referring to the genitalia of male and female. 

We can find the same word being used by Prophet Muhammad in the hadiths recorded in Bukhari: 367, 6284, 5819, 5820, 5821, 582 

In this hadith we find Prophet Muhammad saying men not to wear a garment that does not conceal the Farjad, here it is made clear Farjad refers to the private parts of men and women, it is confirmed this word is not obscene as accused by the Christian missionaries. 

This word can be found in the hadith book Bukhari: 249, 259, 260, 266. 274, 276, 281, 288.     

We find in these hadiths as quoted by the wives of Prophet Muhammad- Ayisha, and Maimuna, the prophet while fulfilling the need to mandatory wash himself gave a thorough cleansing to his (Farjad) private parts 

They declare this while talking about the law requiring men to thoroughly wash their private parts while bathing.

The word Farjad is used normally by civilized women.

Asking men and women to clean thoroughly their private parts while bathing, does not amount to obscenity.

Hence there is absolutely no obscenity expressed in the Quran. 

And the term is made use of at the appropriate place.

If a woman needs to be impregnated, the male sperm should reach the female womb is the norm set by the Almighty. He decides to impregnate Maryiam known as Mary without a male counterpart. The Almighty did not send a fully formed baby into Maryiam’s womb. But was blessed with a baby that developed in stages as in a normal woman. 

A baby cannot be formed without a sperm or any other cell entering the womb, and the only way for the sperm to enter is the private part of the female, and a sperm cannot be sent through the mouth of the female to reach the womb. 

It is possible for the Almighty to do the same in numerous other ways, but Allah chose to give her a baby by sending Jibreel (AS) the archangel, to blow life creating matter into her womb.

For example, if it were to be taken as a man blowing life into her it would mean, he did it by removing the clothes. But the angels who have been bestowed with power to intrude the hearts of men could do without even removing the clothes. They can blow just by standing next to them and the impregnation is accomplished.

Teaching the biology of creation of a baby does not amount to obscenity. Today surrogation and artificial insemination is done by implanting the sperm into the womb of women through their private parts. Is this a description or obscenity?

There is no justification for the Christian missionaries to pose such a question.

There is some kind of a justification that the questions are from people of other faiths than Christianity. Because the same thing can be seen in their scripture.

18. The details of the birth of Jesus: While his mother Maryam was fixed for Joseph before they could come together, she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit. 

Matthew 1 

20. While he was pondering, the messenger of the Lord appeared in his dream: Oh! The son of David, do not doubt your wife, to take with you, what is within her is the creation of the holy Spirit. What does it mean when it is said a woman was impregnated by some? It is the result of a sperm being introduced; a baby is created. When it is said she became pregnant because of the introduction of a sperm, by the holy spirit, means the sperm was sent by the holy spirit. What do the missionaries have to say? 

34. Maryam asked the messenger of God; how can this happen? I do not know a husband.

35. The messenger replied saying: the holy spirit will be over you; The power of the noble will be a shadow you; Hence the immaculate will be born of you and be called the son of God. 


What does it mean when it is said a holy spirit will be over a woman and as a result, she becomes pregnant, suggesting a sexual intercourse having taken place, but the Quran says in a civilized manner the angel blew life into her. At the same time these missionaries should come forward to face questions about abundant obscenities found in the Bible.

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