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248. Mountains as pegs in the earth.

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248. Mountains as pegs in the earth.

Allah says in the verses (15:19, 16:15, 21:31, 27:61, 31:10, 41:10, 50:7, 77:27, 78:7, 79:32) that mountains serve as pegs to the earth.

Pegs are used to hold one thing fixed on to another.

The earth is made up of layers soil.The upper layers are of less weight than the lower ones.

With the rotation of the earth at a uniform speed and the weight of the layers of the earth being different from one another something in the form of a peg is needed to hold from one breaking away from the other. 

Without any such peg, humans on the top layer may be thrown away and also make the buildings collapse.

These verses say the pegs as mountains are there to prevent any such eventualities.

There are mountains greater in height underneath the earth than above holding on the earth in position.

Because of the upper and the lower layers of the earth’s crust being fixed with mountains as pegs, the earth rotates smoothly without the layers being separated and thrown away.

This fact revealed 14 centuries ago is yet another proof that ‘Quran’ is God’s word.

Please refer to explanation point 408 for more information. 

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