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81. Guiding one to the right path is in the hands of God.

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81. Guiding one to the right path is in the hands of God.

In these verses (2:272, 3:8, 3:20, 5:92, 6:35, 6:66, 6:107, 10:43, 10:108, 13:40, 16:37, 16:82, 17:54, 24:54, 27:81, 27:92, 28:56, 29:18, 30:53, 34:50, 35:8, 39:41, 42:52, 42:48, 43:40, 50:45, 88:21, 93:7)of the Quran, the message we find is, the power to guide is one to the straight path is the sole prerogative of Al-Mighty (in the hands of Allah) and does not rest with Prophet Muhammad or for that matter with any of the prophets.

Prophets were sent to convey the messages of God to mankind, and they do not possess any power to take it to the hearts of the people is much emphasized in these verses. 

This is the reason we find many household members of the families of prophets who went astray could not be steered towards the straight path.

Prophet Muhammad visited his uncle Abu Talib, (the one who fostered him, and who stood rock solid behind him in his endeavors to spread the messages of the Quran) in his death bed, requested him to accept Islam. But he died a non-Muslim. This made Prophet Muhammad very concerned, at this background was the verse (28:56) saying “You cannot guide any one to the straight path, Allah alone guides them whom He wills” revealed to Prophet Muhammad. 

This teaching of Islam abolishes all kinds of fraud committed in the name of spirituality. 

Some people unknowingly anoint a person with undue greatness, and with high maturity of mind, and try to get a recognition (?) from him as a disciple, they also believe only on receiving recognition from these supposedly great persons will their hearts be clean of all impurities.

Because of this false belief people go behind spiritual people who use the opportunity to cheat the gullible.

To save people from being cheated this way, and to emphasize the message that even prophets do not possess the power to put in the hearts of the people they desire, mental illumination, spiritual illumination, mystical Islam, etc. do not find place in Islam.

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