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26.Misplacement in numbering the verses. 

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26.Misplacement in numbering the verses.

In the printed versions of the Quran at present we find a marking at the end of each verse giving it a number. This was not the practice during Prophet Muhammad’s time when copies of the Quran were handwritten nor even at time of Caliph Usmaan when copies were made. People who came at a later stage started this practice.

Though in most places of the Quran we find the numbering appropriate, in some places we find it mismatching. 

Verses are given numbers even before they can convey a full message.

In some places the subject of verse is given a number and the predicate another. We can fully comprehend the meaning of a sentence only when wholly expressed. 

In some places a message is conveyed as a verse and an exception to that message as another verse.

Had both been numbered as a single verse, understanding would be easy.

Please refer to marking no 26 to look at the list of mismatched verse numbers.

We have explained that not much attention was accorded in the matter of numbering Quranic verses under the subheading “history of compiling the Quran”.

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