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222. The ship which rested upon Al-Judi Mountain.

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222. The ship which rested upon Al-Judi Mountain.

Since the flood rose up to the level of a mountain, the ship rested upon (the mountain) Al-Judi.

This mountain (Al-Judi) is situated on the boundary of Turkey. The height of this mountain is sixteen thousand feet.

As it has been said in this Verse “And We rescued him and those with him in the ship, and made of it a portent for the people”.

We come to know that, that ship still remains upon that mountain.

When that mountain was scrutinized, the wreckage of the ship was found beneath the icebergs. Quran alone properly answers the question; “Who did keep the ship upon the mountain?” (Quran 11:44, 29:15, 54:15)

This (historical fact) also proves that Quran is Book of Allah.

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