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217. Whether Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had doubt.

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217. Whether Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had doubt.

This verse 10:94 should not be misunderstood that people of the Book would clear the doubts of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) whenever Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had any doubt.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) only doubted whether he had received any message from Allah or any other thing, while the message from the God had been revealed to him, in the early days.

Allah commanded him (Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to question the people of Book, only because Prophet’s (pbuh) anxiety was concerning the basic idea whether Book would be revealed from Allah.

So, the view of this verse would be that if Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) questioned the people of Book, they would corroborate the basic fact that the Book would be revealed from Allah to men.

It should not be mistaken that such interpretation for tidings found in Quran, should be questioned at the people of Book.

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