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214. One Messenger for one community.

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214. One Messenger for one community.

In both these verses (Quran 10:47, 16:36), it has been said that one Messenger (Prophet) would be sent for each and every community (nation). Nevertheless, Quran also states that messengers (Prophets (pbut)) more than one were sent for certain nations.

Prophet Musa (pbuh) and Prophet Harun (pbuh) who were the twain messengers (Prophets (pbut)) of Allah sent to nation during the same age. (Quran 10:75, 19:53, 20:30, 21:48, 23:45, 25:35, 26:13, 28:34)

In the Quranic verse 36:13 Allah says that three messengers of Allah were sent to a single nation.

It should not be assumed that these verses (10:47, 16:36, and 36:13) were contradicting each other.

Since even if messengers above one were sent, only one Book and only one code of conduct had been given to all of them. No Book or no code of conduct would be given to each one of them individually. Hence, even though many messengers (Prophets (pbut)) of Allah were sent all at a time, as for the messages (revelations of Allah) were concerned they looked as only one Messenger (i.e., even if there were two or three messengers of Allah, they would be given only one Book).

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