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213. Requesting intercession of the saints.

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213. Requesting intercession of the saints.

In the Hereafter, some people who got the permission of Allah would intercede for others. (Refer note 17).

But it would be ‘associating others with Allah in worship’ and an interference in the authority of Allah, if we sought intercession at certain souls, whom we regard as saints and great people, while we live in this world, and if we said that they would intercede for us.

Those who opposed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) worshipped many deities. They only believed that those deities would intercede for them before Allah. But they never believed that those deities possessed overall authority.

In the Quranic verse it has been said that this (such belief) itself is wrong. We can learn from this that it is not permitted to worship somebody to offer some prayers to them and to invoke them even on the belief that they will intercede.

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